segunda-feira, 10 de agosto de 2009

Let it go

I am not the let it go kind. Wish I were, but my mind works so fast trying to solve life issues that I can't let a single thing go. Relationships that didn't work out, I wanna know why. Friends that don't wanna see me anymore, I wanna know why. Relatives that don't look at my eyes but at the floor, I wanna know why. I always wanna know why and what can I do to fix everything.

Sometimes, dear, it's beyond your action. You can't really do a thing. But that fire still burns inside you, dragging you to the danger of knowing why.

When we end a period in life, we leave it in the past. In order to know why, we have to bring back a piece of this, which means danger.

Sometimes, I just wanna make a list of all the unsolved things in my life, and, one by one, fix them. Unfortunately, it's not like organising the closet, the bookshelf, althought I really need to do these two things and many more like that. The list of bad ended relationships must be solved getting in touch with the other interested part, if he's still interested.

How do we know if we don't know why? Is it worthy the effort?

Things work so differently in people's minds that we never know if 4 or 5 years of friendship are really worthy a 5 minutes call. Just because we don't know why the other part doesn't want to see us. If you had a single answer, you wouldn't need to bother that person again, because you know why.

That's why let it go people are happy.

Tell me the truth, am I the last person you wanna see?

Lately, I'm being the let it go kind, but every day that passes by makes me feel guiltier about not having done a thing.


sábado, 1 de agosto de 2009

Live and Let Live

Sometimes we feel like we are isolated. All world is partying, having fun, doing their things on a saturday night and you are at home, in front of your computer, writing this.

You can hear their laughs, their voices and sometimes you even wanna be there, just for a while, to laugh with them, but you know... it's just not right. You don't fit there. Your friends didn't call, but whatever... you don't need to replace them with such thing.

Because that would be agreeing with them.

Why does that bother you anyway? It shouldn't.

They are like wild creatures you observe. They laugh, dance, sing, drink, but at night, in a second before sleep, they are all going to dedicate a little thought to frustration. There are a lot of goals they hadn't yet achieved in their lives, and maybe all they ever wanted was something close to what you have. That's why we shouldn't be mad at them, because they are still on their ways.

You? You are still on your way to something even better. Of course there are thousands behind you, but there are also thousands ahead. Nevertheless, it's not my or your business to judge any of them. You were there once upon a time. You just moved a little up. But there is still a long way to go and we shouldn't waste our time trying to guess what's gonna happen with them. That's their problem after all.

Just relax and let'em live their lives. Live and let live.